The storm is a howling
as though an ocean god has
been stung by a poisonous jelly 
I only look worried ‘cause 
there’s a splinter in me peg foot
and a lobster’s got hold of my belly.

Shiver me timbers
and shiver me bones.
My ship is so scared
its sailing back toward home!

Silly Milly

illy is sometimes silly
Milly is sometimes kind
and because of this 
and because of that
she is a very good friend of mine.

A Pirate on the Sea

I once met a pirate,
though he did not say his name.
He wore a purple rain-coat
but he stank of brine just the same.

He kept a rotting fish in his hair,
he said it was for luck.
He hugged tight his teddy-bear
and on his thumb he loved to suck.

The Nearly Baby

My cells are dividing, 
I’m slipping and sliding
I’m only the size of a bean.
I kick my mum
 in the tummy tum
to let her know I’m there.
Once I am born
I may stretch wide and yawn
but right now I am bald 
without any hair.

Shiver Me!
Shiver me timbers
and shiver me mates
I hear a storm coming
but I won’t quiver, I won’t quake.
Shiver me beard 
and shiver me knees
I’m not scared,
no siree!

Here are a few of my poems,

illustrated by Andrea Faith Potter